Student - CNC Programmer

Job description: Work alongside Lead CNC Programmer to provide regular support. Design and enable improvements to existing CAM programs, G&M code, 2D or 3D CAD Software, and various other daily operations.


  • Provide continuous improvement to existing CAM programs for numerous CNC routers

  • Work closely with CNC Operators to identify opportunities for improvement, understand constraints, and verify improvements.

  • Improve programs by using subroutines to eliminate duplicate paths and moves

  • Rapidly iterate using a structured process to optimize feeds and speeds minimizing machine time while maintaining cut quality, bit life, and other performance criteria

  • Reconfigure programs to reduce tool changes, tooling changes to reduce change over times (SMED)

  • Create multipart programs to support Lean Single Piece Flow and dynamic operator decision making to work around naturally occurring material defects

  • Perform quality assurance tests to ensure products meet design specifications

  • Adjust machine cutting paths or settings, based upon ‘QA’ tests, to optimize production while maintaining quality

  • Troubleshoot and resolve problems with machines as they arise


  • Understand new concepts and apply them accurately

  • Follow detailed instructions, documented best practices, and organizational procedures

  • Communication and interpersonal skills to enable effective interface with internal professionals

  • Work independently or in a team environment

  • Use information retrieval technology to manufacture machined parts

  • Basic grasp of CAM software skills to construct geometric models and drawings for tool paths

  • Basic understanding of G&M code

  • Basic experience with 2D or 3D CAD Software

Hours and Compensation

  • Part Time: 15-20 Hours per week. (Full Time future possibility)

  • Shift Time: Adjustable/Variable

  • Starting Rate: $13.00 Per Hour


  • Health Coverage

  • Onsite Physician

  • 24/7 TeleMed

  • Vision Insurance

  • Dental Insurance

  • Disability Insurance

  • Life Insurance

  • Gym Membership

To Apply:

  1. Fill out our General Employment Application

  2. Email a resume to with the subject, "Student CNC Programmer".