Part Time Children's Furniture Industrial Designer

Job Description

Sprout is a furniture manufacturer and brand whose mission is to help create environments that foster creativity, independence, and resilience in children. We are looking for an enthusiastic individual with Industrial Design experience that can aid our design team in fulfilling the Sprout mission. The right candidate should not only have industrial design experience, but should be someone who relates to parents of young children, expresses clearly the joy that comes with the challenges and rewards of parenthood, and is able to voice and translate these experiences and relations into product design.

We are looking for part-time candidates who will work remotely with daily oversight, 20 hours per week, with occasional in-person meetings if location and circumstances permit.


We are looking for individuals with at least 1 year of experience in the industry.


  • Adaptable and flexible, able to learn and apply new skills quickly

  • Follows verbal and written instructions with precision

  • Self-manages at a very high level, able to self manage remotely

  • Accountable, reliable, and punctual

  • Brings a positive energy to the design team

  • Customer Focused and Improvement Oriented - Able to investigate, empathize and understand customer needs with a high degree of execution - Go & See Philosophy

  • Creative Thinker with a high tolerance for ambiguity - Able to work within and fully explore the boundaries of constraints

  • Excellent communication skills (Visual / Graphical, Verbal, Written)

  • Ability to thoroughly manage complex data with nuance and rigor


Part Time - 20 Hours per week - Remote


$22 - $30 / hour, dependent on experience and internal level of training.


  • Health Coverage

  • Onsite Physician

  • 24/7 TeleMed

  • Vision Insurance

  • Dental Insurance

  • Disability Insurance

  • Life Insurance

  • Gym Membership

Candidate must agree to adhere to Company Code of Conduct, and pass initial Background and Drug and Alcohol test.

To Apply:

  1. Fill out our General Employment Application

  2. Fill out the Production Application

  3. Email the following to with the heading "Entry Level Industrial Designer Application".

    • An explanation of why you wish to work at Sprout

    • A current resume

    • A portfolio of past work